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Learn from WISE experts, WISE members, and other industry authorities.

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Engineering a Soft Landing: Responding to the Rising Cost of Doing Business

This paper shares WISE's perspective on three strategies to consider prioritizing in your 2024 plans as the cost of doing business continues to rise in a challenging revenue environment. The paper explores freeing up capacity in existing teams for sales and high-value servicing, adopting more flexible hiring strategies, and using pricing to offset expense increases.

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Unlocking the Power of Pricing: Tapping into a 10-25 BPs Revenue Opportunity

This white paper explores whether banks and trust companies are leaving money on the table by aiming for the “market middle” when setting fees. Faced with rising compensation expenses and a challenging revenue environment, our view is that firms should reassess the effectiveness of common pricing and discounting practices.

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It's Payday! Responding to Rising Compensation Expenses

This research is our take on one of the bigger trends impacting firms' financials, as well our high-level advice about effective remedies.

Improving Retention Metrics and Attrition Outcomes 

Measuring retention and managing attrition risks is essential for all financial advisory firms. Research detailing how you can improve retention metrics and attrition outcomes. What are "good" retention rates, how firms are tracking attrition causes, and what firms are doing to manage attrition risks.

Growth at Risk: Defining, Communicating, & Delivering Value in an Increasingly Competitive Landscape

Heightened competition makes questions about value more germane than ever. This study, therefore, seeks to understand how banks and trust companies should position their services to improve sales and growth outcomes.

UHNW Pricing Trends and Best Practices: Driving Superior Realization

Research detailing the most prevalent HNW and ultra-HNW pricing trends. 

The Case for Change: Toward a New Frontier in Team Productivity

There is a paradigm shift underway in wealth management and day-to-day tactics need to support long-term strategic vision.

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Webinar Archive

Delivering on the Unique Nuances of the Special Needs Trust

In this session, Michelle Diamond of Cumberland Trust will explain the uniquely elevated level of attention and support that goes into administering a Special Needs Trust- one that goes beyond the basic duties of traditional trust administration. We hope you will leave this session with an understanding and appreciation of the dedication required to commit to this type of trust organization.

The Three "R's" of Estate Settlement: Responsibilities, Risks and Reward

We hope you will leave this session with an appreciation of the risks that come with serving as an executor as well as some ways to mitigate those risks. Guest speaker Robert Maxwell will also review how an executor is compensated and other best practices around delivering this high value service to your client.

Illiquid Assets: The Hidden Half of Client Portfolios

Stocks, bonds and other liquid assets represent just 45% of what wealthy people own; the other 55% consists of illiquid assets such as real estate, stock in privately owned companies, and artwork. Advisors routinely ignore this “hidden half” even though clients are far more apt to worry about their illiquid assets. Join us for a discussion with Brad Davidson of UA Central LLC, a “unique asset” expert and Craig Cook of Oakbrook Solutions on best practices for managing unique assets while achieving regulatory compliance and meeting customer needs. 

Thriving in Uncertain Times: Performance Trends and Prescriptions

As we enter 2023, many firms are facing similar challenges - anxious clients in an uncertain economy, a disappearing revenue dividend as markets decline and rising compensation costs as firms compete for talent. Pricing is the most significant lever to increase margins in a decreasing margin environment. Please join David Lincoln and Doug Trott for an encore presentation of our December 13th webinar, discussing actions firms can take to increase revenues by growing their top line and improving revenue realization through pricing practices.

Year in Review: Navigating Challenging Times Ahead

The financial markets and economy imply a more difficult revenue environment, more hesitancy from clients, and more challenging sales. How are firms preparing for this challenging environment? What will they do to replace the market “dividend” that boosted 2021 results to extraordinary highs? David Lincoln and Doug Trott discuss actions firms can take to increase revenues by growing their top line and improving revenue realization.

Digitally Transforming The Wealth Management Client Experience

A delightful digital experience is not just important to millennials and Gen Z. In fact, 72% of investors of all ages said online information about a firm is influential in hiring a financial advisor.

What is a digital client experience and why should advisors care? Join us as Lisa Asher discusses the importance of establishing the what, why, and how of wealth management digital client experiences.

Preparing for Transfers, Avoiding Remorse, & Maximizing Clients' Greatest Asset

For most business owners, the business is their greatest asset...and the primary source of their wealth. Unfortunately, too many owners experience post-exit remorse.  Nerre Shuriah of First Citizens Wealth Management, shares tools used to help clients through this process.  

Talent: Attracting, Engaging, and Retaining

As competition for talent remains tight, Phil Buchanan of Cannon Financial Institute will lead a discussion focused on strategies to attract and retain talent. While compensation is key, non-financial benefits can play a role in attracting and earning a long-term commitment.

Ultra High Networth Pricing Trends

and Best Practices

Thom Melcher, Director of Family Wealth at Glenmede and former Managing Executive for Hawthorn,  PNC Family Wealth, and Jamie McLaughlin, CEO of J.H. McLaughlin & Co., introduce WISE members to HNW and ultra-HNW pricing trends. 

Perspective on Planning: Ways to

Make it Work

Lisa Featherngill, National Director of Planning at Comerica,  discusses ways to design a planning practice that benefits both clients and firms. The webinar focuses on how to identify the offering, how to deliver it, and how to measure the impact. 

Improving Retention Metrics and Attrition Outcomes 

Measuring retention and managing attrition risks is essential for all financial advisory firms.  WISE  and Greene Consulting share ways to improve retention metrics and attrition outcomes.  What are "good" retention rates? How firms are tracking attrition causes? What firms are doing to manage attrition risks?

Diversity is Good for Business

Laura Gregg, Northern Trust, shares data on how diversity can have a positive impact on talent and client acquisition. About 77% of firms focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion report success in hiring new professional talent and more than than half of consumer respondents say that when seeking an advisory firm, they ask about the firm’s commitment to DE&I. 

High Net Worth Pricing Trends and Strategies for Strengthening Returns on Assets

Doug Trott, former McKinsey Partner and Founder of PriceMetrix, discusses HNW and ultra-HNW pricing trends and practices. 

Stuff Financial Planners Know

Joel Redmond bridges the gap between academic lessons about planning and what actually happens in planning engagements, focusing on how to deliver an effective, superlative client experience

Lead With Planning to Grow

Nerre Shuriah shares insights and lessons learned from leading First Citizens' evolution from a transaction-focused to relationship-focused culture, with an emphasis on how to change advisor behaviors, one of the biggest implementation challenges facing the industry.   

Selling the Advice Based Offering: Lessons from the UHNW

Brian Hughes, Touchpoint Growth Strategies, and Stephen Prostano, from PKF O'Connor Davies Family Office, discuss the evolution of the service offering in the high-net-worth space. Discussion to focus on the shift towards deemphasizing products & investments, emphasizing advice and problem solving and how to communicate the value to clients and prospects.

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