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Pricing Initiatives

Proprietary data on critical aspects of your wealth management business: performance, pricing, and more.

Improve your revenue outcomes. Improving your pricing effectiveness and limiting your discounts are two powerful levers for improving business performance. With these two goals in mind, we have created two unique products to help firms improve their revenue outcomes.

WISE Big Book: Wealth Management Fee Database 

Our team has built a comprehensive and unique
database of fees for investment management and fiduciary services.  This database gives delivers insight into one of the most powerful levers for improving financial outcomes, while saving you the time and expense of collecting and analyzing data on your own. We  provide wealth managers with high-quality data and analysis to inform their pricing decisions.


 The WISE Wealth Management Fee Database
comprises more than 1,800 fee schedules from bank wealth managers, independent trust companies, and a smaller number of
registered investment advisors (RIAs).  Available fee schedules include:


  • Irrevocable Trust

  • Revocable Trust

  • Personal Trust with Co-Trustee

  • Directed Trust

  • Investment Management

  • Fixed Income

  • IRA

  • Self-Directed IRA

  • Custody

  • Estate Settlement

Additional schedules available. 

A sample report is able to be viewed here.

WISE Price Insights

Price Insights is a custom analysis of account- and relationship-level revenue outcomes that compare your firm's revenue outcomes to the industry's.

We help firms improve revenue and profitability outcomes by identifying pricing and discounting opportunities across your client base.  

The  benefits:

  • Quantify your firm's achievable revenue opportunity

  • Identify strategies for increasing revenues per dollar of assets, per account, and per household

  • Implement better pricing practices and strengthen discounting discipline

  • Evaluate the quality of your book of business over time

  • Access a unique industry data asset: stated and realized fees for accounts of all types and like-kind

  • Save time by outsourcing data analysis

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