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Performance Assessment

Using Customized Comparative Data to Improve Decision Making

Launched in 2012, the WISE Performance Assessment provides detailed comparative data and analysis about profitability, growth, sales, team productivity, and spending. We focus on what matters most: the essential data you need for evaluating your firm’s performance, for making decisions, and for communicating with stakeholders.  The assessment gives you access to aggregate KPIs and trend data for 100+ bank wealth managers and trust companies nationwide, from small firms to large, national brands.

Our goal is to help you make decisions about your business - its risks and opportunities—by bringing a fresh, evidence-based perspective to your decision-making.

Talent: Attracting, Engaging & Retaining

The Framework

The  WISE Performance Assessment uses 6 questions to assess the health of a wealth management business. Our view is that an affirmative answer to each question would be indicative of a healthy business. 

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Are you getting operating leverage?

Profitability measures are used to identify evidence of economies of scale and operating leverage.

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Are clients voting for your business?

Sales, relationship expansion, and retention are among the strongest indicators of firm health.

A percentage measure of productivity including staffing, account, and client size. 

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Are you getting the best from your people?


Are you effective at turning assets into revenue?

For most firms, returns from personal lines of business are most helpful; including personal trust investments, and IRAs. 

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Is your firm growing fast enough?

Growth rates and organic growth in particular dominate standard industry valuation methodologies

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Are you investing in resources that will grow your business?

 Ensure your firm is prioritizing efficiency and practicing disciplined expense management. 

The Results

Participants receive:

  • A customized report of findings that includes a a high level executive summary. Each report is customized to the participant.

  • Strategy recommendations as well as specific tactical ideas for improving performance.

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