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About WISE

WISE is a research and advisory firm founded by veteran industry analysts who have held leadership roles in CEB (now Gartner), CEB’s wealth management brand, The VIP Forum, and Family Office Exchange in Chicago. Our team’s goal is to make data a valuable tool for helping you and your peers make decisions, one that will complement your experience and intuition.

WISE uses high-quality data analysis to provide firms with customized insight about their performance. Our team believes that wealth managers and trust companies deserve the type of high-quality data analytics that are increasingly common elsewhere in the economy—especially regarding growth, sales, pricing, staff productivity, and profitability.

WISE works with largest firms in wealth management  as well as innovative midsize and small firms in every region of the country. Members include bank wealth managers, independent trust companies, and brokerage-affiliated trust organizations.

For member firms, our team provides:

  • Comparative data and insight about the firm’s performance

  • Original research on key topics on wealth management

  • Peer networking opportunities

  • Industry insight and stakeholder education

Our service model expertise: private banks, registered investment advisors, brokers, independent trust companies, single and multi-family offices.

Our market expertise: high-net-worth, ultra-high-net-worth.

Selected content expertise: growth, profitability, sales, pricing, productivity, and industry trends.

Who does WISE work with?

WISE works with some of the largest firms in wealth management. We also work with innovative small and mid-size firms in every geographic region of the country. In total, we have data from more than 90 wealth management firms representing more than $4 trillion in assets.

What is the WISE wealth management performance study?

Our study provides bank wealth managers and trust companies with detailed performance assessment about their wealth management business. We try to focus on what matters: revenues and sales, expenses, productivity and profitability.

How is our approach different?

Creating insight from data is extremely valuable; it is also very time consuming. Our goal is to bear the burden of data analysis for you and to make it easy to identify key insights. In support of this goal, we are investing heavily in data presentation and analysis. In addition, our experienced team of analysts is available for an in-depth review of your results.

What are the benefits of participation?

Each participating firm receives a comprehensive assessment comparing the firm’s results to those of peers and the industry. Our reports provide you with the essential data you need for assessing your firm’s performance, for setting goals, and for communicating with key stakeholders. In addition, you have the option to speak with our team about results that are interesting, unexpected, or warrant scrutiny.  (membership)

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