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We help wealth management firms understand and improve their performance.


Gold-standard comparative data about your firm's margins, growth rates, sales efforts, productivity and expenses.

We bring a fresh, evidence-based perspective to help you make decisions about your business - its risks and opportunities.


We believe firms should seek improvements in pricing, fee realization, and business mix to improve revenue outcomes.  Our goal is a simple one—help firms improve revenue and profitability outcomes by identifying pricing and discounting opportunities across their client base.


Staying ahead of the curve means staying informed about a variety of trends and emerging issues.  We support your education by providing access to briefings from experts on relevant industry issues, as well as best practices from proprietary and third-party research.


Complementing our expertise are the invaluable perspectives of hundreds of industry professionals who lead national private banks, boutique trust companies, and innovative midsize firms. We extend your network and help you solve problems by connecting you to industry peers. 

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WISE is research and advisory firm founded on the belief that wealth managers and trust companies deserve the type of high-quality data analytics that are common elsewhere—especially regarding growth, sales, pricing, staff productivity, and profitability.  

WISE uses high-quality data analysis to provide firms with customized insight about their performance.  ​We work with largest firms in wealth management, as well as innovative midsize and small firms in every region of the country. WISE serves bank wealth managers, independent trust companies, and brokerage-affiliated trust organizations.

Wealth management is our only business. Our team has past experience advising private banks, trust companies, RIAs, brokers, single and multi-family offices. WISE provides valuable insight by using research to identify each firm’s main strengths and weaknesses. WISE has gathered comprehensive data from more than 130 firms about profitability, productivity, growth (including sales and retention), fees, pricing and discounting practices, staffing, and outsourcing since 2012.

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